Our service center is equipped to service all makes and models. With over 25 years of experience we can work on old cruisers & road bikes to the latest carbon fiber offerings.

Performance Tune Up

  • Adjustments are made to the entire bike.
  • Brakes, gear systems and bearing surfaces are all adjusted.
  • Both wheels are trued and set in proper alignment with the frame.
  • All nuts, bolts, bells and whistles are checked and tightened.

Single Repair Items (Labor Charge Only)

  • Fix Flat
  • Box Bike to ship - box & packaging provided (must take to carrier)
  • Custom Bike Builds Available

Before every ride:

  • Check tire air pressure.
  • Check brakes and cables.
  • Be sure your crank set / pedals are tight.
  • Be sure quick releases are tight.

After every ride:

  • Inspect tires for glass, gravel shards, and cuts on tread and sidewall.
  • Check wheels for true.
  • Clean the bike’s mechanical parts as necessary.



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